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A Post-Tensioning Institute certified plant that manufactures and supplies post-tensioning tendons and hardware.


Residential Homes

Post-tensioned slabs for residential homes are common in parts of the U.S. where expansive or compressible soils occur.  In some towns, 95% of all new slabs are post-tensioned.  It has been found that where conditions exist that require perimeter and grade beams to be reinforced with No. 5 and No. 4 rebars, respectively, and where 6×6 6/6 mesh is required, a post-tensioned slab is a more economical and structural superior alternative.  In areas where structural piling is required, a post-tensioned design is also more economical.

Apartments & Condominiums

The foundation slabs for apartments and condominiums require more conventional reinforcement than residential homes. It has been found that the heavier the conventional design, the more economical the post-tensioning alternative becomes.

Metal Buildings and Warehouses

An increasing number of contractors and owners are recognizing the economic and structural advantages of using post-tensioning cables in warehouse slabs.  Typically, a 6″ thick slab conventionally reinforced with 6x12x0/1 and No. 5 rods, can be replaced with a 4″ to 4-1/2″ post-tensioned slab that is structurally superior for crack control and load carrying capability.  The total savings with post-tensioning , considering the steel and concrete reduction, make the post-tensioning alternative very attractive economically.  A post-tensioned slab can be highly effective in  transferring the steel column loads into the beams and slab thus reducing the possibility of shear failure near the columns.